Introduction to our Packages

With this package we display your company logo on an eye catching front page. We then make your website link go directly to your company information, we add your contact form. Here is list of features that the Rusted Metal package gives you.

 You don’t get some cheap poorly designed headache eyesore of a site. We are not like those cheap website directory companies and just, throw together some cookie cutter site and give you something that your customers can’t even find online. There are a lot of unfair website directories companies online. Some are way over priced and people for some reason think that if they pay a lot for the exposure they get something good, which isn’t true. And then there are some companies that are really cheap and people think they are saving money, but they end up paying for it by losing customers with a poor design or having a site that doesn’t even work properly. We don’t give you that. We give you what you need at a price you need it at. Our prices are so good because we are a small company that believes in being fair with people. We give you a quality online exposure at an affordable price.


Quick and Easy Website Design to get you started, we understand that some people just need the quickest and easiest way to increase their business online. We designed this package for those people and we try to make the whole process as simple as possible for you to get your business online exposure.

Here is list of features that the Rusted Metal Package gives you.

No Setup Fee: No upfront charges, always making it affordable to increase your Online Visibility.

Direct Contact Form: Unlimited direct emails that can go to one or multiple users. Growing your online Business contacts.

Basic Company Icon: That’s the little image on the main page (Your Logo) that links a customer directly to your website, or information.

SEO Friendly Design: Minimum search engine optimization (SEO), we design with your needs in mind and everyone need to be found online. With your direct link to your Website or Company information, you increase your site visits and customers contacts, SEO for your site is a must have to make your site more visible.

We are a Mobile Compatible Website: Phones out number computers by more than 4 to 1. This is a must for every business.

 User Friendly: Easy to navigate and find the information that the digital customer is looking for in today’s moving technology world.

  Unlimited Opportunities: Need more exposure. No Problems. You can take a look at our other packages and/or our other multi-directory sites of our various truck industry directories.

Customer Support – We are the experts and we are here to help.